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Typography Pages:

Type is always a part of the web page, The webpage type need be clearly legible. The typographhic approach need be based on the readability. Unlike any other medium, the typography in the web space meets a great limitation, and unlike Flash, the dreamweaver can't embed the font you used. So please stay away many uncommon fonts or missing font problem may happen. Designing for a computer screen has its own set of problems. Add to these the elastic nature of a web page, which has to work across different computer platforms and screen sizes, and the problems get even worse. It is the designer's job to understand these issues and to address them - to maintain some kind of control when everything else is shifting. Therefore as designers it is important to be sensitive to type and its usage. Although it might seem that graphic text is the easiest and most flexible solution to type it is important to use CSS text as much as possible. CSS offer faster load times and more flexible up datability.

Required Elements
A. Make a Typography page, and show content like this page.
-The page should have links and descriptions for the pages that are being linked to.
B. CSS Style page for your own project pages.
the file should be the CSS file: xxx.css
C. Proposal/Html Layout Page - for the type usage
- the proposal should show a style for: Headers / Sub-Heads / Body text
D. Graphic Text Page - create a gif animation banner with a graphic style for your graphic text link page. If you finish a gif animation in the gif image page, ignore this page or slightly redesign it to a small page.
E. Experamental/Animated Typography Page - create an experamental typographic page by using layers function to overlap text with diffrent hierarchy levels.
F. Text Overflow Page - optional approach. You could create a text-overflow page for the DWWK or for next project.