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Site Map

Site Map

Above map illustrates all webpages in the site. Click the box to go the respective pages. Don't build pages blindly, have a plan.

The site map part of the Design Process aids in visually mapping out the flow of information.
The map shows structure (Hierarchy of information) and the linking structure.
The site map is a way to communicate to team members on a web project as well as the client.
Site maps help evaluate needs for navigation and is a way to visualize the structure of web pages and the site as a whole before doing anything in the way of building pages.It' is the road map of your site to help your visitors. With clearly marked destinations, Visitors to your neck of the Net will know three things:
where they are, where they go, and how they can get back to where they came from.

Required Approach:
A. Make an image based site-map page be the main site-map page, and hot-spots all pages of the site.
B. Make a text based site-map page be a sub-page of the main site-map page, and make text links to all pages of the site.

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