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The most used and important element (tag) to page layout and design is the Table (<table> tag). Using tables gives much greater flexibility and reliability in the layout. The table is subject to the scaling of the browser window yet does not have to yield its structure, placement of content nor position. It is rare that an HTML document layout not use tables. Always use tables for your layouts.

A Layer is an HTML page element--specifically, a div tag, or any other tag--that has an absolute position assigned to it. Layers can contain text, images, or any other content that you can place in the body of an HTML document.With Dreamweaver, you can use layers to layout your page. You can place layers in front of and behind each other, hide some layers while showing others, and move layers across the screen. You can place a background image in one layer, then place a second layer, containing text with a transparent back-ground, in front of that. Layers provide a great deal of flexibility in placing content. However, site visitors with very old web browsers might have trouble viewing layers. To ensure that everyone can view your web page, you can design your page layout using layers, and then convert the layers to tables. For more information, see Converting layers to tables. If your audience is likely to be using any recent browser, however, you can design layouts entirely with layers, without converting them to tables first. When everything confirmed, you could convert all layers to a table structure to secure elements.

So mostly, the most common Dreamweaver HTML, layout styles will be the TABLE layout or LAYER layout. Please brainstrom how to make an ideal plan and a page layout strategy to arrange elements for making sure an effective layout. Aesthetics, consistency, and techniques will be essential for the layout page section and whole layout system of the site.

Required Elements:
A. Make a page that links to two "typeFusion.com" newsletter layout pages (B & C) or two "viscomm pages (B & C).
-The page should have links and descriptions for the pages that are being linked.
-From the "TypeFusion.com" newsletter copy and graphics or "Viscomm" pages create two page layouts using tables in Dreamweaver.

B. Table Page - This design should use only tools and properties for modifying tables to complete the layout.

C. Layer Page - This layout should fully use multiple layers to arrange text and images, and prepare it for thenext page.

D. Layers to Table Page - The page need be converted to table structure based on the layer page (the same or different as the first) by using Dreamweavers function of converting layers to tables. The layer page should show the layers state of the design. The second page should show the layers converted to a table.