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--- Welcome to Dreamweaver Workbook 2006 ---

Project Definition:

Build a web site to achieve the following:

1. How to create web pages by using Dreamweaver skills.
2. Learn about web site construction and management.
3. Learn about other softwares like Illustrator, Photoshop, ImageReady, that assist in building ideas and web pages.
4. Upload the Dreamweaver site onto your own website or onto your USM personal online space.

A goal in producing the web site is to learn about Dreamweaver 8 and other applications by directly working in the software and to learn above process. The final goal is to create a resource reference for the tools, functionality and design potential for creating web pages with strong aesthetic design and functional values.

Dreamweaver 8 includes various new features that improve usability and help you to build pages whether you are working in the design or the coding environment.

Attached Dreamweaver 8 gerStarted.pdf is the tutorial file for download.

Dreamweaver 8 provides support for best practices and industry standards, including support for advanced CSS use, XML and RSS feeds, and accessibility requirements.

Enjoy the site!

Project Items:

1. Create a splash page "index.html" and embed a Flash movie into it.
(the Flash movie shows an animation to introduce the site)

2. Create a home page, 5 body pages, and a series of sub-pages for the project.